by Hexenslut

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released March 23, 2017




Hexenslut Moscow, Russia

metal punk band from Moscow (Russia) formed in 2015

Vika - Vox
Misha - Guitar
Yura - Guitar
Kolya - Bass
Mick - Drums

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Track Name: Pride of the nation = Pride of hebetude
Stunning, killing your mind
But no comprehension
Patriot scum
Seems fucking inaction
Country you pride of
Isn’t your merit
You‘re better stand off
I can’t accredit

Pride of the nation
Pride of hebetude
Pride of the country -
Not my attitude

Hypnotized imbeciles
State lovers, shitlickers
Die for your king
Track Name: Ego grave
Prior ideals
Committed to flames
Thunders of chase
Falling into disgrace
Absorbing swamp
Of lies and betrayal
Searching the door
But doomed to fail

I want to give what they deserved
By retributive knife blade
My spoiled mind is illegal
My only friend is my grave

I have no God
I don’t need Satan
I pray for myself
My Ego denies the words
Vicious solution
Deal with conscience
Forgot the blessing
I used to seduction
Track Name: Metal punk crew
We are the knights of fucking insanity
We look like winos, we look like sluts
Our religion is sin and depravity
We don’t care ‘bout opinion of mass
If you’re a slave of religion or government
We’ll never be patient or placid with you
Welcome to our satanic establishment
Welcome to screwed metal punk crew!


Rivers of beer and sounds of barking dogs
Wankers will never get it enough
Full-metal fist will punish all fags and hogs
We are crazy drunkards who are always tough
Nihilism is the only philosophy
We always disclaim, we never give up
If you’re afraid of our atrocity
You’ll better run, hide and shut up!
Track Name: Speed addicts
No speed limit, the system is broken
Brakes will never restrict us again
Plosive power, dysphoria cocaine
There’s no time to feel any shame

Speed addicts!
Speed addicts!

Bursting in mind, moral is falling
Two hundred km, the wrong lane is right
You have no chance, entombment is calling
The lumps of your brain will cover asphalt

Speed addicts!
Speed victims!